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MONTGOMERY - Homearama home owner Jessie Heldron was bothered by the thousands of Homearama visitors walking through his house last week. Unlike other Homearama home owners, Heldren was unable to leave his home during tour hours because he was sentenced to three years house arrest on a child pornography conviction. Heldren appreciated a small amount of privacy during the tours by staying behind the roped areas which were off-limits to the public. Many Homearama visitors noticed and commented on Heldron's ankle bracelet further reinforcing Heldron's opinion that the crowds were obtrusive. In a brief statement to members of the media at the Homearama event, Heldron commented, “I urge other Homearama owners to avoid a house arrest sentence. It's very difficult to be here feeling on display while thousands of people walk through your house. The courts need to set some limits on this kind of thing.”