span class='articlebody' style=' font-weight:400;font-style:normal;text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;line-height:1.6; font-family: Lato, Arial;color: #666;'>Mortgage Broker Bill Rogers' favorite activity is memorizing the airport codes throughout the US. Although coworkers admit they are impressed by Rogers’ proficiency in this area, they are offended by his condescending approach to displaying his skill. Coworker Scott Wallace said, "Bill always finds a way to hurt my feelings when I don’t know an airport code like the time I mentioned I was going to visit my Mother in New Jersey and he asked if I was flying into EWR. I hesitated and asked if EWR was the Newark airport and he just shook his head in an arrogant and belittling manner. Bill has a wonderful talent and I wish he would be more patient as the rest of us develop our knowledge of airport codes." When asked about his over-confident style, Rogers replied, "Hey, I have every code in the lower 48 states committed to memory and I'm sorry if that intimidates people. My coworkers should probably get used to it because the international codes are my next frontier." Office Supervisor, Ron Henderson acknowledges Rogers spends too much time discussing airport codes around the office. On one occasion Rogers was overheard cornering a disinterested summer intern with unwelcome airport code mentoring. “If you want to become as good as me, I recommend building your confidence with the obvious ones like Atlanta (ATL), Boston (BOS), Denver (DEN), and Miami (MIA). Then work your way up to the tougher, non-intuitive ones like Fort Myers (RSW), Kansas City (MCI), and New Orleans (MSY). A lot of people start out trying to work geographically by moving methodically from one coast to the other. Trust me that doesn’t work. If you stick with my system, you’ll be at my level within a year. It only took me six months but I’m a natural at this.”