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Dear Eke: How do you feel about universal health care coverage?

Eke say:  Going to the doctor is making Eke sad and scared because coverage not so good.  Doctor make Eke put on gown and it not cover Eke buttocks.  That makes for not good coverage!

Malaysia doctor not give Eke gown.  Malaysia doctors don’t have office building or pretty nurses or free sample of blue pills that make Eke love time more exciting.  In Malaysia, doctor come to town square and people stand in line to ask him questions.  If you have problem with foot or hand or nose, first thing doctor try to do is cut it off.  Doctor try to cut off body part so he keep for himself or grind up to make food for farm animal.  This kind of doctor coverage not so good, plus very expensive.  You go to doctor, pay him six chickens and you leave with no foot.

In America, you want make health care for everybody?  Ha!  You make a big mess, that’s what you make.  Insurance company in America get so many chicken from customers and then they give some of those chicken to politician so politician do whatever they say.  Nobody win.  Except chicken go from your crappy house to nice house of politician.

Best thing for health care is to not go to doctor.  You make self healthy at home, and no one take your chickens or your body part.

You can do many ways to stay healthy.  First, you need good diet.  You should only eat food that don’t make you fat and sweaty.  When you order food at McDonald driver window, you make sure you get medium combo and not big combo. When you eat dinner with family, make sure most of dirt on floor not get into your food before you put it in mouth.

You also stay healthy and away from doctor by working hard at the exercise.  You do this many good ways like chase your wife through yard with frying pan.  This make wife healthy and happy too...good for whole family.  You also make exercise when you lift things, so you go find things to pick up, and then you put them back down and then you do it again.  That seem like it not too much fun, but it all depend on what you pick up.  Girls in bikini suit fun to pick up, angry dogs not fun to pick up.

If you get sick and have to make hospital stay, this is bad.  When you go to hospital they give you bad food, and they not let you walk around to pick up girls in bikini suits.  That is right, they make you unhealthy!! Stay away from hospital!!  They want you to get sick so they sell your body parts to farmers and politicians.

So Eke want you to be a healthy happy person full of health and happy, and that way you have big smile on face when you go to doctor and show him your buttocks!

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