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Saturday, June 23rd - 7:30 AM-12:00 AM

Hyde Park Blast @ Hyde Park Square

DERF Happy Hour

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Q: How do I become a bathroom industry professional?

BATHROOM ATTENDENT:  I get this question a lot. Let me begin by explaining the answer to this question cannot be adequately handled in one issue. Therefore the question will be answered in a series of three parts spread over three issues.

This is part one: Being a bathroom industry professional (BIP) starts with understanding your aptitudes and desires. But neither one of those two items by themselves is enough. You have to have both a high aptitude and a burning desire.  So I recommend starting with an honest self-assessment. Put simply, not everyone has what it takes. If a person has the talent but does not want it enough, they'll never survive in this competitive business. If a person has the burning desire but not the required talent then I am afraid to say they should look for a less complex vocation.

Personally, I thank my blessings everyday for having both. I realize I am unique and for that I am truly grateful. I am blessed because my father was a Bathroom Attendant and so was his father before him.  This is a career that requires all of you.  It is vital that you look deep inside and make the required self-assessment. Only then will you be ready to take the long and arduous steps I will describe in part two coming in the next issue of DERF Magazine.