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The Office Romance - I Highly Recommend it!

People often warn against the office romance.  Don’t listen to them.  In my opinion the office romance is one of the most worthwhile experiences a human being can have.  I have had about a dozen scandalous affairs with people at work.  But there is an art to doing it right.  It has to be executed with a little pre-thought.  We all have our own way of engaging in scandal but here are a few of my simple tips to maximizing you’re enjoyment.

Who is your best target at work?  Your boss of course!  Try to avoid having a romance with someone who is not significant in the company hierarchy.  There is really not much value to striking up a relationship to a run of the mill coworker.  Other coworkers will look down on you and possibly judge you as desperate.  But firing up a passionate scandal with your boss is very is very exhilarating!  And who knows, it could even result in a lucrative promotion!  It is definitely the best of both worlds. 

For the more experienced office romancers such as myself, it is advisable to raise the stakes even further.  Why settle for your lowly boss when you can have your boss’s boss!  Imagine how your career prospects can brighten when you become intimately involved with a real decision-maker.   Each romantic pillow talk session gives you the chance to plant subtle hints about why you should replace your boss in his position. 

For the person who has reach true mastery of the office romance, I recommend setting your sites even higher!  Hello mister handsome and powerful CEO!  Having an affair with a corporate CEO makes you almost as powerful as all of the other executives combined.  When you have the CEO’s ear, you have real power.  This experience can be really rewarding.  Others in the company hierarchy will respect you in ways you never imagined.  You will be viewed as a crucial part of the power structure.

If you work at a company where most of the execs are female, this can create some minor wrinkles.  But a talented office romancer can work around this.  My advice is to select the most influencial female exec in the company and secretly initiate an affair with her husband!   This is the next best thing to romancing the exec herself.  Yes it’s very sordid, etc blah blah blah.  But the rewards are immense.  You will be the right hand woman of the right hand man of a top executive.  What could be more exiting!

So good luck in your workplace scandals!   Remember, like everything in life you only get back what you put in so approach your next office romance with vigor!  You’ll be glad you did!