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Should you pretend to like sports to attract men?

We all know a lot of girls do this.  Is it a good strategy?  Some make quite a hobby out of it.  Others just activate their dormant sports gene when necessary.

Let’s start with a broader question – Is it wise in general to adopt the same key interests as a man to attract him or to keep a man interested?  Generally speaking, this is a good idea for making solid connections between people.  Let’s face it, men are professional interest fakers.  They pretend to be interested when we talk endlessly about our hair, make-up, clothes, etc.  They instinctively pretend to be interested because they know we are happy when we are talking about that stuff.  So the same is true for the other side of the coin.

So in general, obviously it is a good strategy to make a genuine attempt to show an interest in the interests of the men we are dating or hoping to date.

Having said that, let’s talk more specifically about sports.  There are some additional considerations and strategies when it comes to sports.   

Sports has a very broad appeal virtually everywhere.  Even if you are not much of a sports fan you should try to recognize that sporting events create a cohesiveness that connect people in a way nothing else can.  So it’s not like we’re talking about some obscure interest your boyfriend has like the study of African insect viruses, etc.  We’re talking about one of the most discussed topics everywhere in the world.  And the world of sports is not religion or politics so there are no taboos associated with it.

Another factor about sports is that is in interest many people develop literally at about age 3.  This means it is one of the few interests they have consistently had their whole life.   There is no denying this so doesn’t it make sense to show an interest in someone’s lifelong interest. 

So overall, showing an interest in sports can be good for all your relationships including your boss, coworkers, family, and basically everyone in our life. 

So do guys prefer women who like sports?  The quick answer is yes.  On paper if two women are highly comparable in ever category except sports interest, most men will select the woman who has an interest in sports because he knows that is a possibly mutual interest that can connect them for a lifetime.

But there is a caveat.  If you really have zero interest in sports and you go about faking your interest the wrong way, you may appear less than genuine.  Trust me men and women who are genuinely interested in sports can sense this. 

So how do start and how do you keep it real?  If you are the type of girl who has literally zero interest or aptitude in sports, then you have your work cut out for you.  Start slowly.  An overzealous attempt will look obvious and may be unappealing to a boyfriend who is a true sports fan.  Remember he has decades of sports memory, facts, and emotions built up in his mind.  You can’t compete with that.  So rule #1 is don’t fake it too hard.

Rule #2 -- Try to actually gain a slight sports education.  It won’t kill you to watch Sports Center on ESPN once a week or so.  They run the same 1 hour show something like 8 times a day so it’s not hard to catch it.  You may actually begin to find it interesting after a short while.  There is a lot of drama and juicy controversy in sports.

Rule #3 -- Ask questions. Holy jeeze, guys love answering questions about sports.  Try not to roll your eyes too much when some of the answers become a little long-winded.

Rule #4 (the golded rule) --  Don’t express an uneducated opinion about anything sports related in front of your boyfriend’s friends.  This will be embarrassing for you and him.  A statement like, “I know Peyton Manning is pretty good, but he just seems a little overrated to me.”  You’re newly formed options may not be seen as credible so it’s best to keep them to yourself until your general sports education is at a more advanced level.