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Lifestyle blog with Slade Dandridge

I wish I could find a kid cool enough for me to mentor.

Slade Dandridge

By Slade Dandridge, DERF Lifestyle Columnist/Blogger

Because I am supremely talented and adored thanks to hard work and natural gifts, I like to share my precious gift with my readers in this publication.  I know my words make a positive contribution to every single person in our society, but I also know there is so much splendor in me, that I can always give more.

I am always looking for ways to give back.  When I see one of those cups full of pennies at a check-out register, I rarely take them all.  In fact when I am shopping in a neighborhood that isn't as well to do as my neighborhood of Oakley, I often leave it one quarter to half-way full. 

During food drives I give away a lot of…

About Slade Dandridge  

Slade Dandridge

Slade Dandridge develops his column ideas through a process he calls 'Accelerated Coffee Infusement'.  He considers himself very attractive and intelligent.  He also believes he is adored by his readers.  Slade is writing a book about reducing America's dependence on foreign marmalade. 

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