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Stop by anytime if you'd like to check out my new 19 inch TV

People who know me know I don't like to brag.  I am a humble person but this is one of those times when I am really proud of myself and I want to share it with everyone.  I don't want everyone to think I'm rich but I just purchased a brand new 19 inch TV. 

It seems like TVs are getting bigger and bigger everyday so I decided to upgrade mine.  My old 13 inch TV was just getting too small.  Frankly it was a little embarrassing.  I've noticed TVs in automobiles that are bigger than my old TV.

I recently brought a woman I was dating back to my apartment and she though my TV was a laptop.  After that humiliating incident I finally made the decision to upgrade!

I researched the available 19 inch TVs on the internet to make sure I purchased the right one for my needs.  The model I bought is really impressive.  There is simply not enough room here to go into all the excellent features but let's just say it came with a remote control and it is state of the art in every other way also. 

Since everyone loves to watch sports on a large screen I guess I am about to mysteriously become everyone's best friend!  Seriously, I don't mind if people use me for my TV.  Everyone is welcome.  If it takes a state-of the-art TV to bring people together then so be it.  I love entertaining people and if my TV makes people happy then as far as I am concerned the world is a better place.

If you get a chance this weekend stop by and check it out.  I'll be there from noon to 6pm on Saturday and most of the day Sunday except for around 1-2pm when I am running a few errands.   

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