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Lifestyle blog with Slade Dandridge

I really need a break from everyone asking me if Iím George Clooney!

Please people, give me a little breathing room!  I am begging you!

The constant whispering behind by back.  Following me when I go to UDF.  Taking pictures of me with your cell phones.  I am asking you sincerely to give me some privacy.

I am a virtual twin of George Clooney so I can understand the temptation to constantly stalk me.  Ladies, I can empathize with your longing feelings toward me.  I know your physical response to my looks is hard to control.  You are not totally to blame becasue i am iresistable. 

But nevertheless i am a human being and I need a little privacy.  Can you please reach down into the deepest part of yourself and find enough self-discipline to allow me to grab lunch at the Subway in Oakley without having my clothes torn off? 

Although I am the most successful blogger in the Oakley area, believe it or not I do not have a personal security team.  So I am totally vulnerable at all times. 

Please ladies, I depsperate need my privacy.

And thank you George Clooney for virtually ruining my life.  And no, I don't feel like hanging out with you anytime this month.  I think enough damage has been done.  Looking exactly like you in every way is bad enough.  No need to pal around like a novelty act driven by super good looks and irresistable sex appeal.