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Saturday, June 23rd - 7:30 AM-12:00 AM

Hyde Park Blast @ Hyde Park Square

DERF Happy Hour

Keep checking back here to find out where the next DERF Happy Hour will be!

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When: 4:00PM - 11:00PM        

Welcome to the Undead 5K: The Zombie Apocalypse. A 5K run/walk like no other. Runners will traverse 5 kilometers of Zombie infested terrain. No worries, all the Zombies want to do is after eat your brains and feast on your flesh. Obstacles and challenges will be strewn about the course, making the Undead 5K even more horrifying.

The object is to survive and cross the finish line with your "health" intact.

Runners will be issued 3 flags to wear on a belt. The flags represent your "health". As long as you have one flag you are still “alive".

The object is to cross the finish line - anyway you can - with at least one flag and YOU HAVE SURVIVED!




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