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He's passionate about planning mass layoffs.

Robert Singer
Age 47
General Electric

Robert Singer says corporate downsizing initiatives really get his juices flowing. "I think I was born to eliminate jobs. The more the better I've always said." Singer has led dozens of successful mass downsizing efforts for General Electric. "There's nothing like company-wide layoffs to make everyone realize they better work hard or their job could evaporate!"

At age 47, Singer estimates he has eliminated over 25,000 jobs throughout his career. "I'm still relatively young and I hope to eliminate 50,000 jobs before I retire at age 60. We all have goals and all I asking for as a chance to achieve my goals."

Singer says he enjoys the whole process of downsizing from start to finish. "What I love the most is how people losing their jobs eventually learn to accept their fate. This is the point when I know I have done my job effectively and I am ready to move on to the next downsizing initiative."

When asked how he believes he would react if his job was eliminated, Singer said, "I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't allowed to eliminte people's jobs. They would have to put me on suicide watch."


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