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Iím not a tease, but check out my voluptuous curvy form!

Age 23,
Indian Hill

Heroes: The leader of my youth group who convinced me to choose abstinence

Shopping for revealing outfits, bending over to pick things up, falling asleep immediately after a dinner date, dry humping

Life’s Goal:
  To make a man’s head explode

Exotic dancer


Letís start a conspiracy of Love!

Age: 50
Price Hill

Heroes:  Bigfoot, the alien who abducted me, Lyndon Larouche, the many scholars who work tirelessly to prove that the moon landing was faked by Mexican drug lords

Hobbies:  Extensive internet research into government sponsored spontaneous combustion, tracking down information on the British Royal Family’s mobile meth labs

Life’s Goal:  To prove the existence of the race of lizards who control the world banks

Profession:  Blogger


I attend self-defense training every week, so donít try anything.

Age 28,

Tonya Harding

Hobbies:  Teaching my girlfriends how to locate male genital pressure points.

Life’s Goal:  To perfect the ‘grab, pull, and twist’ technique of disabling a male assailant. 

Profession:  Anger Management Counselor


Itís likely Iíll be half-drunk before our date even starts

Age 24,
Ludlow KY

Heroes:  Any sober person that can blow in the puffer that starts my car. 

Hobbies:   Friending bartenders on Facebook 

Life’s Goal:  To re-popularize lunchtime drinking in America.

Profession:  Air Traffic Controller Intern


Hoping to meet the chick of my dreams at Facebook camp

Age 22

Heroes: Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook Founder.

Hobbies:  Thinking of funny status updates.  I think my friends secretly think my updates are hilarious.  

Life’s Goal:  To have 300 friends on Facebook.  I have 12 friends now and it's only been a year!

Profession:  Still decidng on career path but I know it will be related to social networking.  


Hoping a man will treat me to a romantic dinner at Fat Burger

Age 34
Pleasant Ridge

Heroes: Willie Anderson, Owner of the Oakley Fat Burger

Hobbies:  Finding new romantic fast-food hot spots   

Life’s Goal:  To complete a romantic summer tour of all Fat Burger's in Ohio.    

Profession:  Time Warner Cable Call-Center Operator


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