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I was stood up by a guy who was gonna take me to see ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’.

Brooke,  Age 30

  Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, Authors of the book, "He's Just Not That Into You." 

  Reading books about relationships.  Talking with friends about relationships.  Blogging about relationships.  Watching movies about relationships.

LIFE'S GOAL:  To be in a relationship (with a man who appreciates me even when I’m not medicated).

PROFESSION: Graphic Design professional at LPK


On Sundays I attend at least 4 non-denominational churches to meet honeys.

Ricky,  Age 29,

  Myself.  I look up to myself a lot.  Some of the things I have accomplished are breathtaking.

HOBBIES:  Networking with peers at Starbucks over an Iced Cinnamon Mocha Latte.  I love the positive exchange of innovation.

LIFE'S GOAL:  To have a woman who will give me the space to nurture my groundbreaking ideas.

PROFESSION: Starting my own club promoting firm in a couple years.

NOTE: This candidate has piercings that are possibly offensive.


My lyrics can and will make you weep

Jesse,  Age 36
Clifton (Mom's House)

  Axel Rose, Jon Bon Jovi

HOBBIES:  Writing lyrics that blow people away. 

LIFE'S GOAL:  To write a rock anthem powerful enough to make the Presidents of all countries come together for one day just to hold each other. 

PROFESSION: Delivering the Eastern Hills Press in Walnut Hills.

NOTE:  This candidate has piercings that are possibly offensive.


There's no excuse for not being huge!

Derek,  Age 30

  All dudes who are committed to staying ripped!

HOBBIES:  Blasting my abs, delts, glutes, and pecs with my three brothers in our garage gym.  It's all worth it when a chick on Myspace looks at my pictures and goes, "That dude is ripped!"

LIFE'S GOAL:  To have a lifetime supply of Mega-Power Ripped Fuel Blaster Pure Protein Formula 3000.  It's the most scientifically advanced muscle building formula on the market today.

PROFESSION:  Working on getting my personal trainer certification so I can help other dudes get huge like me!

NOTE:  There is not a single photo of this candidate available with a shirt on. 


I'll treat you like a princess as soon as I get off probation!

T-Man,  Age 34
Northern KY

  Kyle Missman - 4 time U.S. bass fishing champion, 2002-2005.

HOBBIES:  Watching professional fishing competitions on ESPN. 

LIFE'S GOAL:  To travel around the country going to Alan Jackson concerts (as soon as I get off probation).

PROFESSION: I work part-time separating stuff at the Rumpke recycling department


Wanna critique my Speed Dating pitch?

Suzanne,  Age 28
Mt. Adams

  All strong women who balance a meaningful relationship and a successful career.

HOBBIES:  Spending a lot of time on and  Also attending all Speed Dating and Eight Minute Dating events in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

LIFE'S GOAL:  Finding a man who shares all 29 of the dimensions of compatibility with me.

PROFESSION: Human Resources Manager


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