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Darryl,  Age 29

  Brooks & Dunne

HOBBIES:  Helpin' out with the maintenance over at the VFW. 

LIFE'S GOAL:  To meet a good lady who lost custody of her kids and has time to help me with my kids.

PROFESSION:  Apprentice at an asphalt company.


I got a stash of illegal fireworks that would blow your mind!

Donny,  Age 33

  Kenney Chesney

HOBBIES:  Smokin' out rats over by the Taco Bell on Montgomery Road.

LIFE'S GOAL:  To get HBO someday.

PROFESSION: Putting my own house painting crew together as soon as I get my license back.


I think my blog about where to find cheap gas really hit a nerve.

Julie,  Age 29

  Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook

HOBBIES:  Blogging my brains out!

LIFE'S GOAL:  To organize of a community of active and supportive bloggers. 

PROFESSION: Brand Specialist at LPK.


I'm kind of a big deal in certain parts of Delhi.

Davey,  Age 37

  Kenny Anderson

HOBBIES:  Volunteer ushering at Elder H.S. football games

LIFE'S GOAL:  1.) To be Chairman of one of the local church festivals  2.) To start a line of t-shirts that say 'Davey Rocks!'

PROFESSION: Security Guard at Northgate Mall


Today I'm training for a marathon and then working on my memoirs. And that's before noon!

Michael,  Age 34
Hyde Park

  A.G. Lafley

HOBBIES:  1.) Reading self-improvement books  2.) Optimizing my Linken-In account  3.) Collecting khaki pants.

LIFE'S GOAL:  To always be a super motivated peak performer.

PROFESSION: Brand Manager


Let's blog about our emotions together!

Celeste,  Age 31

  Deepak Chopra

HOBBIES:  Crying with my lover.

LIFE'S GOAL:  For my lover and I to be 100% emotionally in sync..

PROFESSION: Work in flower store


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