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Now busy professionals don't have to call OnStar directly.

DETROIT-As busy professionals seek higher levels of convenience, new companies like PreStar offer greater convenience than ever before. PreStar is a subscription service that eliminates the need for busy people to press the OnStar button in their car during an emergency. Instead customers press the PreStar button which contacts a PreStar Operator who in turn contacts OnStar who assesses the situation and eventually contacts 911. PreStar executive Adam Haas explains, "Why call OnStar directly when we can do it for you? It only takes the press of a button."


PreStar Operator: "Hello this is Prestar, How can I help you?"

Customer: ’Hello PreStar, I have been in a serious car accident. I am badly injured but I am a busy professional and I don’t have time to call OnStar."

PreStar Operator: "No problem sir. We hear that a lot from busy professionals. I am getting OnStar on the line now. Hello Onstar, this is PreStar. I have a PreStar customer on the line who has been in a serious accident but he is a busy professional and doesn’t have time to call you directly."

OnStar Operator: "Hello PreStar, this is OnStar. Sir since you are a busy professional and also too busy to dial 911 I am getting 911 on the line now. Hello 911, this is Onstar. I have a PreStar Operator on the line now who has a customer on the line who has been in a serious accident but is a busy professional who is too busy to call OnStar or 911.

911 Operator: "Hello Onstar, hello PreStar, hello accident victim. I am dispatching an emergency vehicle to the scene of the accident now.