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National self-esteem convention not good enough

NEW YORK - Leaders of the National Self-Esteem Association have announced they believe the 2009 Self-Esteem convention is possibly not worthy of taking place.

Spokesman Michael Jenkins commented, "At this point our self-image of this event is very poor.  It is likely we will cancel the convention.  Additionally, we feel our previous conventions have never measured up to people's expectations."

Insiders say the self-esteem convention has received a lot of negative self-talk within the organizing committee. In an attempt to counteract the committee's negative self-image of the convention, organizers have attempted to boost their opinion of the convention using positive affirmations.

One committee member stated, "Only people with low self-esteem are allowed to be on the committee so it makes sense that we would have a low opinion of our collective planning efforts.  We really need people with healthy self-esteem levels to help plan this convention."