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700 WLW shifts focus of billboard campaign to Canadians

CINCINNATI – After receiving numerous community complaints and harsh public criticism regarding The Big Juan billboard campaign, WLW responded to community pressure by shifting the focus of the campaign toward the Canadian community. The original billboards featured a Mexican man wearing a large sombrero standing near a donkey. Local community leaders spoke out against the billboards saying they were deeply offensive to the entire Latino community.

In a new version of the original campaign, the new billboards will feature a Canadian Mountie saying the words, “The Big One, eh?” Not often in the spotlight, the Canadian community appears to appreciate the occasional attention and has long been considered by marketers to be the perfect nationality when displayed as the subject of public ridicule. WLW Program Director, Lawrence Delacore commented, “The pressure to change the campaign was intense. We had to find a new group to make fun of immediately. The Canadians were a unanimous decision because our research indicates anyone can poke fun of the Canadians at any time without any consequences whatsoever. In our pre-campaign focus testing, we received no complaints from a single Canadian person. This seems like a safe bet and hopefully will allow us to sustain a long-term advertising campaign.” , Commented Delacore.