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Imus not invited to annual CBS Pimps-N-Hos party

NEW YORK – In a final gesture of dismissal, CBS today formally withdrew former radio broadcaster Don Imus’s invitation to it’s popular annual Pimps-N-Hos party scheduled for next month. The invitation was reportedly sent to Imus before he made the derogatory comments for which he was eventually fired. After the invitation was withdrawn, a CBS spokesperson commented, “We believe a complete separation between Imus and CBS is best. This party is a long-standing tradition at CBS and we don’t want to tarnish the event with the presence of a controversial former employee who may distract attendees from the festive nature of the event.” An Imus spokesperson said the invitation withdrawal was simply a formality because Imus never planned on attending the party and has been overwhelmed and flattered with hundreds of invitations to Pimps-N-Hos parties across the United States. Imus has been asked to deliver the keynote address at many of the upcoming Pimps-N-Hos parties. Imus says he plans to fit as many Pimps-N-Hos parties as possibly into his upcoming national speaking tour currently being planned.