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New Kids on the Block postpones reunion tour to accompany daughters at Jonas Brothers concert

BOSTON - The reunion tour of the New Kids on the Block has been put on hold as several of the New Kids have committed to taking their children to see the Jonas Brothers.  Ticket holders of several cancelled New Kids on the Block shows have been told that they can request refunds or wait for the shows to be rescheduled.

New Kids on the Block spokesman Jeremy Harris explained, "Jonas Brothers tickets are very hard to get so we hope fans will understand that taking their daughters to the concert takes precedence over their own tour schedule."

Jordan Knight's daughter Ashley used a stolen credit card to buy her tickets from an area scalper.  Donnie Wahlburg's daughter, Vanessa,asked her Uncle Mark Wahlburg get tickets from an associate at Disney.  Chelsea McIntyre, daughter of Joey, had less trouble getting the tickets because Joey has worked as a Ticketmaster teller for the last decade.

"Personally, I don't understand why anyone likes these Jonas brothers," said Joey.  "It's a bunch of pre-packaged crap only an adolescent girl would like.  I look forward to getting the night over with so I can get back to rocking my fans New Kid style."

Openly gay New Kid Jonathan Knight does not have any children but is a fan of the Jonas Brothers and plans to attend their concert by himself.  Knight commented, "I really love their sound."