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Bengals begin rebuilding effort for 2028

CINCINNATI, OH - Following a string of losses in what was thought to be the easy part of their 2012 schedule, the Cincinnati Bengals organization has decided to regroup. The team has planned a rebuilding effort that is expected to begin reaping benefits in the year 2028.
“We are on a path to victory here that is not going to happen overnight,” explained Bengal head coach Marvin Lewis. “It takes time to rebuild an organization from the depths of despair that it has experienced over the last decade, and the current year, and the next several years of despair we have coming up. But rest assured, 2028 is gonna be one heck of a great year for the orange and black.”
Though the team is optimistic about the changes that will occur in 2028, they have very little details of what those changes will be. “Well, I can say that they will be big,” said Bengals owner and GM Mike Brown. “For one thing, we are confident that we’ll be bringing in some excellent personnel via the draft that year. The other day, I was at a local pre-school and saw some kids who I’m certain are going to be tremendous players for us to select in the draft. Really big for their age. One of them was wielding a dump truck around like it was a toy! We might go ahead and draft him now before other teams find out about that little hidden gem!”