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Tony Kornheiser dupes Joe Theisman on air.

NEW YORK - A notoriously sarcastic Tony Kornheiser suckered the dimmer Joe Theisman into a trap during Monday’s Monday Night Football. During an official review, a bored Kornheiser asked Theisman, “Well that play certainly looked like classic updog to me?” Taking the bait, Theisman piped up, “Tony, what’s up dog?” With an audible smirk, Kornheiser replied, “Not much, Dog. What’s up with you?” Nervous laughter followed from the pair as well as Mike Tirico, who tried to make a natural segue to the disputed play on the field.

Later in the broadcast, a brazen Kornheiser repeated the prank, commenting, “Steve Smith was known for his patented henway routes, even back in college.” Again, Theisman bit, “Now what’s a hen weigh, Tony?” “I’m glad you asked me that, Joe. A hen weighs about 5 pounds.”