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New Canseco book implicates baseball mascots in steroid scandal

NEW YORK, NY - The release of Former Major League Outfielder Jose Canseco's second book brings with it new allegations of steroid use directed at many popular baseball mascots most notably Mr. Met the New York Mets mascot. Mr. Met has an oversized head which Canseco claims is a result of long-term steroid use. Using photos from when Mr. Met first broke into the majors, Canseco shows how the mascot's head has increased in size steadily over time. Canseco also said in the book he personally witnessed the St. Louis Cardinals administering a steroid shot to the buttocks of Mr. Met. The New York Mets organization says the claim is ridiculous and point out that any growth in Mr. Met‘s head size is due to new foam rubber that is occasionally added to the mascot's head to replace older foam rubber. Additionally the Mets say Mr. Met has never failed a test for steroids. Critics of the book say Canseco is implicating the mascots because he has run out of major league players to accuse of steroid use. Other mascot's around the National Baseball League were unavailable for comment. Reportedly Mr. Met has received a summons to testify before congress regarding steroid use among baseball mascots.