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Green Bay Packers offer Brett Favre unconditional reverse deactivation restriction precluded with a Series B non-retirement binding discharge waiver (Helsinki version, 1972)

GREEN BAY, WI - NFL legal experts watched with admiration this week as Brett Favre may have single-handedly eradicated all remnants of the reverse optional anti-discharge obligation, implied or otherwise.   As the legal community scrambles to interpret the details of the agreement, many say Favre has orchestrated an unprecedented release waiver with a rock solid obligatory anti-deactivation reversal clause.

Many legal experts say the question remains whether Mr. Favre has indeed secured a non-release waiver that allows reversal in an unrestricted sense.  It is too early to tell if there is a preclusionary element that will supersede previous Helsinki rule waiver restrictions?   Whatever the case, it is generally agreed Favre has laid the legal groundwork for the removal of all reversal exclusions preventing retirement release.

Insiders say the Packers organization may be forced to exercise each series B element as it's own umbrella entity in order to eliminate the non-preclusionary reversal quagmire.  Although this may purge some of the less definitive elements of the compulsory non-retirement reversal, it may allow nullification of several binding non-discharge conditions making it likely Favre would exercise his one-time exclusion of the original sub-waivers. 

Will Brett Favre play in the NFL next year?  An NFL Spokesman commented, "There's a binding tort reform element to this.  For that reason, judicially speaking, Mr. Favre's status will be similar to that of other individuals who have enacted non-reversal options with the envelope of implied deactivation.

Representatives of both sides of the agreement are reportedly meeting in a Notary Public's office today to sign the final documentation.