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Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers undergoes facial reconstruction surgery

GREEN BAY, WI - Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers completed a successful facial surgery operation intended to give the quarterback a nearly identical resemblance to Brett Favre.  Rodgers agreed to the surgery after the Packers organization advised Rodgers he is more likely to gain acceptance by Green Bay Packer fans if he can make the fans believe he is Brett Favre.

Known as Favre reassignment surgery, the complicated procedure was originally developed by a doctor in the Green Bay area who has performed the procedure on many die-hard Packer fans during the Brett Favre era in Green Bay.  Rodgers agreed to undergo the procedure during a break from preseason training.  Thousands of relieved Packer Fans waited outside the hospital to show support for Rodgers and cheer him on as he headed home to begin recuperating from surgery.   Wrapped in healing bandages, Rodgers waved to the crowd as he left the hospital.

A long time Packer fan commented, "We want to show Aaron the respect he deserves for taking this important step to relieve the anxiety many of us are feeling from Brett's departure.  It's a difficult surgery and I know how Aaron is feeling now because I've had the surgery myself.  But when Aaron removes those bandages he will instantly feel like an NFL legend."

Aaron Rodgers commented, "I want to do everything I can to make my transition as smooth as possible for nervous Packers fans.  Looking exactly like Brett Favre is a great start."