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Bengals leave stadium in fourth quarter to avoid traffic

Coach Lewis introduces 'bye quarter'

- Fans at Paul Brown Stadium were surprised to see the Bengals leaving the field last Sunday during the fourth quarter of the game against the Cleveland Browns.  Tailgaters outside the stadium also saw Coach Marvin Levis and the entire first string squad driving away from the stadium early in the fourth quarter. 

Coach Lewis called the early departure a bye quarter.  "There's nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic after losing a game. The team needed a bye quarter after losing to the Browns in the first three quarters."  Coach Lewis also explained the bye quarter will be available to players throughout the rest of the season.  "All of us would rather beat the traffic than take a beating in the stadium. We urge the fans to do the same thing."

Carson Palmer said the leisurely drive home helped ease the stress of losing.  "Look, we did our job.  We showed up at the game and played our best.  By the time the fourth quarter rolls around, we're basically just practicing which is what we already do all week.  So why stick around?  The bye quarter is a great idea."

Many fans agree the bye quarter may help reduce the monotony of the games.  Season ticket holder Steven Miller said, "We've never enjoyed the uninspired fourth quarter play.  The bye quarter concept guarantees we won't miss anything when we leave the stadium early." 

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