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Bengals enjoy relaxing on-the-field bye week in New Jersey

RUTHERFORD, NJ - As the rest of the NFL played on the final Sunday of the NFL season, the Cincinnati Bengals gathered on the field at the Meadowlands for a relaxing bye week.  The team suited up in their full uniforms and spent the day taking it easy.

“A lot of teams spend their bye weeks goofing off, spending time with their families, that kind of stuff,” explained Bengal wide receiver Chad Ochocinco.  “We decided to spend this time together, as a team, just chillin’ and doing nothing.  It was very relaxing.”

As the AFC North Champions head into the playoffs, many analysts wonder if perhaps the week could have been better spent.  Coach Marvin Lewis disagrees, pointing out that he knows what is best for his squad.  “These guys are pretty much spent,” said Coach Lewis.  “Having an organized practice or intense workout would have just looked embarrassing.  It was definitely for the best that we all got together and just did nothing.”

Although most of the time was spent relaxing, there was some time devoted to football.  The offensive squad would occasionally wander onto the field to take a few relaxed snaps before getting back to their relaxation.  “We tried to limit to three snaps at a time before getting more rest.” said Carson Palmer. “It was quite refreshing.  By the fourth quarter we all felt bad for those poor suckers in the green uniforms.  They didn’t seem to understand the importance of rest and rejuvenation.

The defense would also take the occasional formation, and at one point considered building a makeshift hammock on the Meadowlands 50 yard line.  “That might have been a nice comfy place to take a nap,” said Leon Hall.  “But who wants to work that hard to put together a hammock on your day off?”