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Team you’ve never heard of beats other team you've never heard of in 2010

SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDWEST PERHAPS DELUTH, MN or maybe DES MOINES, IA - The Bowl was held sometime in the last few weeks.  Some team that you’ve never heard of beat another team that you’ve never heard of by a score that is totally irrelevant.

The winning team that you’ve never heard of received a bid to the Bowl after finishing sixth or perhaps seventh in a college football conference that you’ve never heard of.  The losing team that you’ve never heard of finished in approximately the same place in another, or perhaps the same, conference you’ve never heard of.  They received a bid to play in the game based on that achievement, or perhaps because the team bus happened to be stranded near the site of the Bowl on game day.

The victorious team you’ve never heard of may have cruised to an easy victory, or they may have battled it out until the end.  The defeated team you’ve never heard of may have put up a good fight, or they may have just rolled over and gotten stomped.

The action was carried on an ESPN offshoot that you’ve never heard of. The game commentators were two guys you've never heard of or they may have been just one guy you've never heard of using two different voices to make it sound like two guys you've never heard of. 

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