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Jeff Ruby takes out full-page ad criticizing Rachel Maddow for male gender denial

NEW YORK, NY – No stranger to inserting himself in causes he feels strongly about, Jeff Ruby has again made his feelings known regarding the recent controversy between MSNBC host Rachel Maddow and Cincinnati’s Fox 19 TV Anchor Tricia Macke which began when Macke described Maddow as an “…angry young man” on her Facebook wall. 

Ruby has purchased a full-page ad in the New York Times that reads, “RACHEL MADDOW, MAD MAN”.

Ruby commented, “Tricia Macke was made an honest observation.  Rachel Maddow’s denial of the truth is simply intended to embarrass a hard-working Cincinnati news anchor.  It’s despicable.  People can’t just deny everything and pretend it’s the truth.  Casey Anthony got away with it and I will never let that happen again.”

MSNBC producers commented, “We saw the ad and we’re not sure what to say exactly.  It seems there may be some people in Cincinnati that are a little confused.  We checked with Rachel and she’s not mad.  And we already knew she wasn’t a man.  But the New York Times needs the money so at least someone benefits from all this.” 

Tricia Macke commented, “I’m so proud Jeff Ruby has decided to defend me just as he has done for other victims of crime.  We need a voice and Jeff has provided that.  If Jeff ever needs help I promise to take out a full-page ad in my favorite local magazine, Metromix…if they ever decide to start printing again.”