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Chipotle Tortilla Press now available as home exercise machine

OAKLEY - Facing tough competition in a market saturated with aggressively marketed fad exercise machines such as the Bowflex and Ab Cruncher, the Chipotle Tortilla Press (CTP) has made an explosive debut in the specialty home exercise market.

The unlikely shift from the lackluster food preparation business marks the first time a food prep machine has successfully crossed over to the higher profit fitness industry. This successful crossover has prompted fitness marketers to explore other crossover possibilities such as gardening equipment and car maintenance devices.

Ads boast the CTP delivers a whole body workout by easily adjusting to exercise the legs, abs, and back using the patented Chipotle Super Hinge. In addition, the unit reportedly can be operated wherever there is a steam outlet which can be installed by a plumber after purchasing a large steam boiler and applying for the appropriate engineering permits.

Chipotle Associate Rosa Gutierrez (see photo) discovered the CPT at work and has purchased one for her apartment. For workouts in her car, Rosa also purchased the Mini-CPT which has a convenient car adapter.

The makers of CPT are currently offering a year supply of tortillas and a free carrying case with every purchase.