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Box wine connoisseur unveils extensive collection

Franzia's March 2007 vintage considered and exceptional month.

NORWOOD - Duane Taylor has dedicated his entire adult life cultivating his extensive collection of boxed wines.  In a cellar he recently built specifically to store and display his boxed wines, Taylor unveiled his collection to friends, family, and members of the media. The unveiling revealed an impressive array that included hundreds of the most beloved boxes in the business.

Taylor led the visitors on a tour of collectibles ranging from many years of classic Franzia varieties to a vintage Martini & Rossi he inherited from his father in 1980. Taylor also enthusiastically displayed a variety from Wal-Mart Vineyards which is the latest entry in the business and is served in a 55 gallon drum firmly establishing itself as the most economical brand on the market offered at $18 per drum.

Taylor’s deep sense of pride was apparent when he pointed out a March 2007 Franzia variety that quickly became a collector’s item when the manufacturer halted production in June due to a leakage defect in the package. “I fixed it with a little Scotch tape and by now it’s probably worth over $11 and climbing.” When asked if he ever considered cultivating a collection of bottled wines, Taylor commented, “I never knew wine came in bottles until recently. I’ve only been exposed to boxed wines my whole life.”