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Kenwood building deemed eyesore

CINCINNATI - Many Kenwood residents consider the LasikPLUS Vision Center building to be an eyesore.  Kenwood resident Drew Lachey said it is important for residents to keep an eye on buildings like this.  "If we don't keep a lid on this type of construction, another eyesore like this could be built in the blink of an eye."  In a community meeting, Mr. Lachey lashed out at the building saying, "I'm not exactly a pupil of architecture but I know something gaudy when I see it.  We must never lose site of our vision for our community."

The building is owned by the LasikPlus Vision Center.  Principals of the corporation say they purchased the building because the giant eye design fit perfectly with the theme of their business.  "When we searched for a headquarter building, we looked across the entire tri-state area for a building that would help identify our business as eye-related.  As soon as we saw that big beautiful eye, we felt very fortunate that we had found the perfect building."  

As a way to give back to the community, The LasikPlus Vision Center is sponsoring a free concert this summer in the parking lot featuring the popular band Blink 182.  Several residents say they plan to protest the building at the concert.  Mr. Lachey commented, "We cannot turn a blind eye to the importance of setting community standards."

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