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2010 HUMMER features built-in BP Station

DETROIT - Designers of the 2010 HUMMER H2 SUV unveiled the optional built-in BP Station this week.  This new innovation is intended to compensate for the gas guzzling tendencies of the vehicle by eliminating the need for frequent refueling stops.  Known as the BP HumFil, the specialized BP Station is permanently incorporated into the body of the vehicle.

Developed in collaboration with the BP Oil Corporation, engineers say the BP HumFil can be used to fill the HUMMER with gasoline at any speed without stopping the vehicle.  The device can also fill the tanks of other cars in adjacent lanes while driving.

The new HUMMER also has the capacity to refuel several private jets.  This feature is especially appreciated by U.S. auto executives.

General Motors executives say the concept was developed in response to consumer complaints regarding too frequent fill-ups caused by poor fuel economy.  HUMMER owners often reported running out of gas before leaving the gas station parking lot after filling up.  This made the vehicle impractical for transportation in the eyes of many Hummer owners.

Executives report further planned enhancements include a fully functional embedded Starbucks store complete with an overly friendly but knowledgeable Barista.  Passengers will have the ability to order coffee beverages within the HUMMER by pressing the convenient OnStarbucks button.  The OnStarbucks operator relays each order to the Barista who in turn hands the prepared beverage to each passenger.

Also reportedly underway is the development of an onboard storage bay intended to store a fuel efficient hybrid automobile for use on short-term excursions by HUMMER owners interested in reducing their carbon footprint.