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business News

Delta Airlines finds Wright Brothers’ lost luggage

KITTY HAWK, N.C. - Over a century after their historic flight, the Wright Brothers’ luggage has been located by Delta Airlines.

For years, Delta spokesmen denied having any involvement in the missing luggage, but records indicate that the Wright brothers immediately filed a claim with Delta following the flight.  Though it was the first such lost luggage claim in aviation history, it was still placed on a decades long waiting list, and went virtually ignored for centuries.

The missing luggage finally turned up on a baggage carousel in Atlanta, where it is estimated to have been circling for the last fifty to seventy five years.  The contents include a few changes of clothes, the world's first prototype laptop computer, and original blueprints of several unknown Wright Brothers inventions such as a lunar space mission and the internet.

Orville’s bag appears to have spent several decades in Newark, a brief stay in Dallas, followed by another few decades in Chicago, while Wilbur’s bag was left on a tarmac in Raleigh for most of the time.