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Delta uses baggage fees to expand lost luggage routes

ATLANTA, GA - Delta Airlines executives announced this week an expanded set of routes for passenger lost luggage.  Cost restrictions and terminal closures previously caused passenger luggage to get misdirected in a limited number of locations. 

An initial press release explained previous routes were limited to due cost restrictions.  Newly implemented fees for extra luggage allowed a significant infrastructure investment making expanded routes possible. 

A Delta spokesperson explained, “Our passengers told us they want choices.  Frequent flyers often complained about losing their luggage in the same predictable locations.  We listened and delivered a set of fresh options.”

Company officials say they are very encouraged by initial tests.  During a demonstration for members of the media this week, a single set of bags departing from Cincinnati headed for Tampa ended up in Decatur, Ft. Wayne, and a small private airport in St. Louis.  “This is a wonderfully unpredictable outcome.  We even found one bag being used for seating in a Delta customer call center in Sherman, Texas.”

A Delta press release announcing the expanded routes said, “We believe passengers enjoy the process of recovering misdirected luggage.  This extra challenge during a vacation or after a long business trip makes people feel invigorated.  Without these small mental challenges, we feel our passengers may suffer brain atrophy which could lead to Alzheimer’s, etc.”