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Consumers already forming line for cheaper, upgraded next generation iPad

NEW YORK, NY - Thousands of consumers have begun camping out in front of Apple stores in anticipation of the next generation iPad, which promises to be twice as powerful at a much lower price.

Apple fanatics have brought their tents and cots and set up camp in front of the Manhattan Apple store in anticipation of the new iPad’s release.  John Rangel took his position as first in line last week and was quickly followed by dozens of others.  “I’m gonna be the first one on my block with the new iPad,” said an excited John.  “I don’t want to be left out getting it three hours later like I did with the first iPad.”

Though Apple has not yet announced the new iPad, the internet is full of rumors as to the new specifications which are expected to include an HD video camera, Flash support, and the ability to multi-task.  Reports also indicate that the new device will sell at a price point two hundred dollars cheaper than the current model.  It is also expected to feature an app that counts down the minutes until the device is obsolete.

“I’m really excited for the next iPad,” said Colin Penske as he waited in line at a Chicago Apple store.  “But as soon as I get it, I’m heading back into a new line.  I hear the 3rd generation will have apps for microwaving burritos and performing home appendectomies.”

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