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Media examines how media has examined the examination of the media

NEW YORK, NY - Under increased media scrutiny, the media’s examination of how the media has examined the media is undergoing a full examination. The examination is being reported in various forms of media, and then being examined in its examination.

“I, for one, am quite happy with how this examination is taking place,” said Professor of Journalism Dr. Kenneth Owens. “It is important for young journalism students to be able to look at how the media covers events. It is equally important for young journalism students to understand how the media covers the examination of how they covered events. It is also quite important to examine that examination. The only thing more important in media is to have good hair and teeth. A really nice head of hair and a glowing smile. Everyone is getting ‘A’s’ on that so far.”

The latest examination of the examinations of the media examination have shown some areas in which the media needs to do a better job. For example, many are beginning to believe that further examination is warranted.

“Obviously, the results are not great,” said media analyst Dr. Philip Rodgers. “This thorough examination of how the media examines the media is in need of further examination. I, along with others, plan to examine this phenomenon. I then hope that our examination will be examined in a positive light, and if not, I hope that analyzation is examined and found to have not been examined correctly.”