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Procter & Gamble launches Single Tooth Whitestrips in Kentucky

CINCINNATI, OH - Procter & Gamble, the marketers of Crest Whitestrips have introduced Single Tooth Whitestrips to customers in Kentucky.  The new product is available in Walmart stores, bait shops, and as part of prison inmate welcome packets throughout the Commonwealth.

“Too often, it is assumed that people with limited teeth are less likely to want to enhance them,” said White Strips Brand Manager Jamie Hoffs.  “Consumer research revealed single tooth consumers desire tooth whitening just as much as fully toothed Whitestrips consumers.  We're proud to offer a convenient and cost-effective single tooth alternative.”

Executives say the traditional Whitestrips were never popular in Kentucky. Single tooth consumers felt that coverage beyond a single tooth was a waste of money.  "During what we now call 'the first moment of tooth', the point when consumers first see the product, we're seeing a very positive reaction." said Hoffs. 

The Procter & Gamble brand team, located in the Single Tooth Business Center (STBC) in Mason, Ohio, reports consumers are sharing promising results after several weeks of using the Single Tooth Whitestrips. 

Crittenden resident Becca Ingram shared the following testimonial during a recent focus group discussion at the STBC.  “My tooth is so bright now, I can’t stop a-smilin'.  The other night I smiled so big that the reflection from the full moon lit up the walk to the outhouse.”

As part of the Kentucky launch, Crest has kicked off the "Be Proud of Your Tooth" tour by commissioning a mobile dental lab.  The lab is travelling throughout the state educating single tooth consumers about dental care and the cultural adjustments a whiter tooth may require.  After his visit to the mobile lab, customer Darvin Boones said, “Lots of people think I’m being stuck up since I been whiting my tooth.  But the people in the 'Be Proud of Your Tooth' truck told me if I got it, I should flaunt it.”