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Parking lot Sno Castle empire efficiently converted to Christmas tree empire

OAKLEY (BIGGS PARKING LOT) – Oakley residents gathered this week to observe the annual conversion of the Sno Castle empire to a Christmas tree empire.  The Keller family, who has owned both empires for several generations, orchestrated the successful conversion with a degree of precision the community has come to expect from the annual event.

44 year old Wayne Keller Jr., who is the likely sole heir to both empires, commented, “A lot of people probably compare us to the Rozzi fireworks family because of all the careful planning our work requires.  We’re very proud of what we do.  Giving our customers a quality shaved ice product all summer takes a lot of expertise.  Then all of a sudden the shaved ice goes away and we become this neighborhood’s most trusted Christmas tree supplier.”

Keller Jr. says he plans to store the dismantled Sno Castle empire under a tarp behind his house on Markbreit Avenue in Oakley.  On his way to celebrate a successful week with the rest of the family at Slammers Lounge on Brotherton Avenue , Mr. Keller commented, “Some of the Sno Castle parts are still in my Ford F150 but I’ll get to that later.  Tonight is about celebrating!  We love hanging out at Slammers after a hard week of work.  They give us free beers in return for free shaved ice all summer and a Christmas tree. ”