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business News

Trader Joe’s pledges to stay 74% salmonella free

MONROVIA, CA - Following the recall of Trader Joe peanut butter due to a salmonella scare, the grocery store chain is trying to capitalize on the successful removal of the diseased product from it's shelves. The company says it has taken the 'salmonella pledge' and is expected to announce it's new slogan, “Now 74% Salmonella Free.”

Trader Joe’s specialty grocery stores can be found in over 30 states and are popular among consumers for their selection of unusual, gourmet and specialty foods. The chain has also become well known in recent years for recalls including cilantro, tomatoes, and now peanut butter over fears of salmonella. “Our new slogan is an exciting invitation to consumers about our brand,” said Trader Joe’s corporate marketing director Holly Clarks. “Seventy four percent, nearly two thirds, of the TJ buying experience is guaranteed to leave the consumer free from explosive intestinal distress and possible death.”

In keeping with the new corporate branding strategy of emphasizing that the store is mostly salmonella free, some planned promotions had to be shelved. Clarks explains, “As a result of our new focus, we’re sad to announce our annual ‘Find the Raw Chicken in the Produce Section’ contest will not be held this year. Also, we will be removing the raw egg energy drink dispenser from all employee break rooms.”