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Cosby accusers complain of ugly sweater flashbacks

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Allegations continue to mount against Bill Cosby from a myriad of women who claim he engaged in sexual assault. Psychologists are noting an odd phenomenon among his accusers, in which they are haunted by flashbacks which are triggered by ugly sweaters.

“I hadn’t thought about the night with Bill Cosby in years,” said an unnamed accuser. “Then one day I was walking through the thrift store and I started to get light headed. I looked around, and I was surrounded by a rack of bold, colorful sweaters from the 1980’s. Suddenly all the horror of the day flooded back into my mind and I passed out. Luckily, while I was passed out, I was aided by emergency crews rather than Bill Cosby.”

Psychologists are studying the complaints, and trying to find ways for the women to overcome the distress caused by ugly sweaters. “We’re not sure what to do to help these women at this point,” said Clinical Psychiatrist Dr. Joyce Michaels. “We realize that it is an especially tough time of year for them right now. What with all the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties going on.”