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Friday, October 18th - 7:00 PM-2:00 AM

UBAHN FEST @ Cincinnati Metro Transit Center

DERF Happy Hour

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Stunning Upset - Boone's Farm wins Bacchanalian Tasting

In a surprise upset, Boone’s Farm, an apple-flavored wine typically
favored by college freshman and hobos, beat out long-time favorite Yellow Tail in the fall meeting of the Bacchanalian Society. “We were running late, so we stopped by the Party Source,” explains Marsha Lockland, a member of the winning team. “But they were all out of my favorite box wine, Franzia. And Carlo Rossi wasn’t on sale anymore. So I was like, ‘maybe we should just
buy Boone’s.’” Marsha’s teammates insisted that it was a bad idea.
“They were like, ‘no way can we show up with Boone’s.’” But when the ballots were counted, Boone’s won by more than 25 votes. Event organizer Doug Sienkiewicz believes it was more than luck. “You have to understand, everybody brings Yellow Tail because it’s always on sale. But you show up with something new and exciting, like a Boone’s or a sherry cooking wine, and you will most likely win. Last year, one team actually came in third with
red wine vinegar. ”