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Man addicted to watching A&E's Intervention program

CINCINNATI - Montgomery resident Tim Pinestill allegedly checked into a University Hospital addiction rehab facility to battle a potentially life threatening addiction to the television show Intervention which airs Friday nights on the A&E cable channel.

Each episode of the weekly documentary show chronicles the compelling story of a profoundly addicted individual who eventually attends a family intervention. Pinestill has watched and recorded every episode since the show first aired in 2005. Pinestill's family members say he has watched every episode over ten times and spends approximately 18 hours a day watching recordings of the show. Pinestill lost his job last year and his wife divorced him in January 2007. His health has deteriorated and he has been admitted to the hospital several times with ailments brought on by lack of nutrition and physical activity.

A&E producers say they although they are flattered the show's appeal is powerful enough to create an addiction they are not aware of any other addiction cases caused by the show and they wish to express sympathy for Mr. Pinestill and his family. Additionally, the show's producers say they have opened discussions with Mr. Pinestill about filming an Intervention episode featuring him and his family.