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Canada hopes to be on TV again sometime soon

OTTAWA, CANADA - After weeks of being featured on television during the Vancouver Olympic Games, Canada left excited to be a part of show business, and hopes to be on television again soon.

Worldwide viewers saw Canada excitedly waving and holding signs that said, “Hi Mom.”  Canada also shared the screen in the ‘Visit British Columbia’ commercials during the Olympics with big stars like Ryan Reynolds, Michael J. Fox, and that one white basketball player who used to have long hair. 

Canada has spent the last several days pursuing leads that may result in a return to television.  Canada has also gone to a photographer in order to obtain professional head shots, and has hired an agent in the hopes of making better contacts in the world of TV.

“Canada may not have a lot of TV experience, but it has all been quality work.” said agent Thomas Mulroney.  “Our hope is to join forces with the U.S. and create North American TV powerhouse.”

Initially, Mulroney suggested they may try a return to television by auditioning for various game shows, and perhaps a few reality programs where Canada would compete against other countries for big prizes.  Canada ultimately would love to pick up a sit com role, costarring as another country’s wacky neighbor.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper commented, “Being on TV was wonderful.  I hope President Obama was watching.  I waved at him a few times.” 

“There is no stopping Canada’s television career now,” Mulroney said.  “I’m sure the offers are going to roll in, and it won’t be for roles like the 1970’s.  That’s when Canada was only on TV with Dudley Dooright and those hunters who clubbed baby seals.”