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Shayne Graham chokes during Dancing with the Stars audition

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Shayne Graham’s audition for the reality television show “Dancing with the Stars” looked promising at first, but his chances for making it on the show disappeared when he choked in the final round.

Graham was intent on making it on the show, and then hoped to win it in an effort to gain redemption for his late season failures as a placekicker.  He began the audition process in fine fashion, impressing the judges with his tango.  “He wasn’t brilliant, but quite passable,” said Judge Bruno Tanioli. “If he could have held it together for the final audition, he would be on the show, no problem.”

Disaster struck during the judges final meeting with contestants, when Graham was asked to perform a few moves from the ‘Hokey Pokey.’  When asked to put his left foot in, Graham put his right elbow in, and things went downhill from there.

“Dude looked like he was having convulsions or something,” said fellow Bengal Chad Ochocinco, who did pass the audition and will be on the show.  “When they said, ‘you put your right leg in’, he moved his hip back and then did a face-plant on the stage.  I was like, ‘Child please!’ I brought you this far and all you had to do was make a chip shot.”

Graham’s future in football and reality TV remain uncertain.  Speculation is he is trying to gain several hundred pounds in hopes of appearing on “The Biggest Loser.”

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