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Justin Bieber reaches puberty during tweet

NEW YORK, NY - Fans of Jason Bieber were stunned to find out that the young pop star reached puberty.  The event occurred just as he was in the middle of sending out a tweet.

Justin was alerting fans to an upcoming appearance on Oprah when suddenly he began feeling odd, broke out in pimples and noticed his voice cracking.  He immediately began a new tweet that simply reported, “Wow!  I love girls!”

Fans were not sure how to react to the news of Bieber's puberty.  Lindsey Twyman of Chicago asked, “Is his hair still going to be so cool?  Because I want to marry him and I want him to look good in our wedding pictures.”  Abby Franklin of Nashville remained upbeat, “He is my hero, so if Justin is going to go through puberty, then I’m going to do it too so he won’t feel alone!”

Bieber told fans via his website blog that he plans to tweet his entire puberty experience.  "My fans can rest assured I will be tweeting from puberty every day.  I'll be using the hashtag #BiebersPuberty."

It is unclear how the onset of puberty will affect Bieber’s superstardom.  Though it may cause his voice to change, there are no plans to rework the lip synching tracks he performs to at concert events.

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