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Paris Hilton claims to have held Lindsey Lohan’s purse for last 8 weeks

HOLLYWOOD, CA - Paris Hilton has told Las Vegas prosecutors that the purse containing cocaine which led to her arrest actually belongs to Lindsay Lohan.  Hilton claims that she’d been holding the purse at Linday’s request for several weeks.

“It all began just before Lindsay got sentenced,” said Hilton.  “I was trying to give her moral support, so naturally I complimented her on her purse.  I didn’t even really like it, I was just trying to be nice. Then she handed it to me and said, ‘Just hold on to it for me for a while.’”

Hilton expressed shock that cocaine was in the purse.  “I didn’t really go through it, although I did use her lip balm a few times,” she said.  “I was only carrying it because I didn’t want to bring one of my really nice purses with me while I was out clubbing.  I figured Lindsay’s purse probably already had sweat and puke on it. And it also matched my outfit.”

The Las Vegas district attorney’s office remains unfazed by the story.  “We’ve heard this kind of thing before,” said D.A. spokesman Carl Ellison.  “When we arrested OJ Simpson here, he claimed he was holding all of those firearms and a Heisman trophy for a friend.”