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Friday, December 6th - 5:00 PM-10:00 PM

Festival of Lights @ Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

DERF Happy Hour

Keep checking back here to find out where the next DERF Happy Hour will be!

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Local cover band covers other local cover band.

CINCINNATI-The Clark Griswolds, a new act in the thriving local cover band scene has a strict policy to only cover the cover band The Rusty Griswolds. Taking their names from characters in the popular 1983 movie Vacation, both cover bands play an identical set of popular 80ís music. Quickly establishing a reputation as the best Rusty Griswolds cover band in town, the Clark Griswolds have carefully honed their act to closely mimic the Rusty Griswolds who have honed their act to sound exactly like many popular 80ís bands. Unhappy about being covered by another band, the Rusty Griswolds commented, "We think they should try to be more original and cover something different than the music we cover." When asked if they would approve of another band covering them, the Clark Griswolds explained, "We think it would be very unimaginative if someone covered us. It has to stop somewhere."