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Cincinnati gets Oscar nomination for “Most Overreaction to Movie Being Filmed in City”

HOLLYWOOD, CA - The city of Cincinnati was thrilled to find out this week that they have been nominated for their first Academy Award. The nomination came in the prestigious category of “Most Overreaction to Movie Being Filmed in a City.”

Cincinnati earned this honor during filming of the movie “The Ides of March,” which took place in and around the city in 2011. The overreaction was a city wide concerted effort, with city leaders, residents and businesses all joining in. Though many contributed to the effort, many are crediting local Twitter users with putting the city’s overreaction over the top. “Without a doubt, we could not have been nominated without them,” said Cincinnati Film Commission spokesman Malcom Peale. “There was so much activity, I heard we actually made Twitter crash a couple of times during filming.”

“I’d like to thank my fellow members of the Twitterverse for making this happen,” tweeted avid Twitter user Katie Vonderhaar. “The raw, open sores I got on my fingers from tweeting whenever I saw someone who remotely looked like they were from Hollywood...totally worth it. #getaloadofme.”

The local news media joined in the frenzy and can also be given credit for the Oscar nomination. The four television news outlets devoted more time to covering George Clooney’s time in Mt. Lookout than was spent covering any non-weather related story since 9/11. “Some may call it overreaction,” proudly stated News 5’s Brian Hamrick. “I call it love and devotion. I’ve only wet myself twice while doing a live broadcast. I’m proud to say that both times it was the result of being within fifty feet of Ryan Gossling.”

The overreaction to filming a movie in Cincinnati was not limited to those who were pleased with the effort. Upon hearing that George Clooney would be filming in the Tristate, Loveland resident Paul Tamede began posting hourly Facebook posts about how Hollywood liberals were taking over the city, dooming Cincinnati to socialism. Though his claims that Clooney has direct ties to both Fidel Castro and the Taliban have not been confirmed, he has convinced FOX19’s Ben Swann to begin an investigation.

Cincinnati Enquirer media critic John Keiswetter began updating readers about the movie filming in Cincinnati months before the event, and has made almost daily mentions of it since. “I think it’s an honor just to be nominated for this award,” explained Keiswetter. “In fact, I think that we’ve already won. The world got to see our wonderful city on the big screen. It made us happy. On a personal level, it made me a new man. I can honestly say that since The Ides of March came to town, I have a new spring in my step and a new joy in my stride. I can also honestly say I have never made such passionate and furious love in all my life.”

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