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No Surprise - Report Says Drunks At Teller's Slightly More Polite Than Drunks At Arthur's.

Most people yawned this year when the news finally came out: Drunks at Teller's are 6% more polite than drunks at Arthur's. Some of the more common polite expressions uttered at Teller's include, "Excuse me" and "How are you?". In 2000, one person in Teller's asked the person next to him, "Do you mind if I smoke?" In early 2001, patrons were surprised to see a fight break out in Tellers but it was later learned that both men in the scuffle had just arrived from Arthur's and consequently it was recorded as an Arthur's incident. However, in spite of Teller's high politeness rating, Muz's bar in Mt. Lookout is still the overall leader in politeness. Muz's was rated the most polite bar due to the fact that no one ever goes there. "If you go there, you'll be all alone. No place is more polite than an empty bar", says politeness expert, Elizabeth Singer.