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Couple plans breakup in January, 2009

BLUE ASH - Local couple Troy Sedgewick and Kristin May have been dating for two years. Only moderately happy in their relationship, both Troy and Kristin feel they are comfortable together but not suited for marriage. 

With calendars in hand, the couple exchanged emails last week discussing possible break up dates. "We are both so busy and career focused right now that January, 2009 was the soonest we could both fit it in." Kristin commented. "We need time to plan all of the details involved in breaking up such as sending out announcements and separating our CD collections. We want everything about our break up to be perfect."

To commemorate their break up, the couple plans to have an informal ceremony followed by a small reception attended by close friends and family members. Kristin explained, "We've both broken up with other people before so we don't want to make too big of a deal out of this." When asked if they felt it is unusual to plan a breakup 6 months in advance, Kristin said, "Why rush something this important? If breaking up is the right thing to do, then it's worth waiting for, right?"

While in a local stationery store picking out invitations, Kristin playfully poked Troy and joked, "Hopefully neither of us will decide to back out of this by trying to stay together." Troy hugged Kristin and responded, "No way sweetheart, I'm as committed to this as you are."

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